Delfran Family Starter Pack


Delfran Family Starter Pack

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2 x Inofolic (Worth R805.90)
1 x Sperm-I-Prove (Worth R186.99)
1 x Delfran Ovulation Dipsticks (Pack of 5) (Worth R74.99)
1 x Delfran Pregnancy Dipsticks (Pack of 2) (Worth R32.99)

Total R1100.87

Total Saving of R252.88!!!

How to use:

For Daddy to Be:

Step 1: Male Infertility factors contribute up to 50% of fertility cases and it is recommended that the quantity and quality of sperm should be tested at a fertility clinic.

Step 2: When sperm are normal, or test results is within normal parameters, start with Step 3. If the result is not within normal parameters, obtain 2 Sperm-I-Prove containers from our product list and use at least for 60 days. (Although millions of sperm are produced continuously the process to produce mature sperm may take up to 70 Days). After using Sperm-I-Prove for 60 days you can test sperm quantity and quality again and proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: When your sperm are normal, you need to protect the sperm against damage where it is stored. Use/continue with the Sperm-I-Prove from this Delfran Family Starter Pack to assist in the protection of the matured sperm, while trying to conceive.

For Mommy to Be:

A common cause of female infertility is the imbalance of female hormones. The balance of female hormones is very important for the development, maturing and releasing of the egg. If the egg development is not normal or the mature is not released, you will not fall pregnant. Inofolic may assist with the regulation of hormones and quality of eggs by addressing myo-inosotol and folic acid deficiency.

Step 1: You should start with Inofolic immediately when Daddy to Be starts with step 3.

Step 2: To determine your most fertile days use the Delfran Ovulation dipsticks. Refer to package insert for more detail on when to test.

Step 3: If you do not menstruate 14 days after your ovulation, or suspect that you're pregnant, test with Delfran Pregnancy dipstick. Refer to package insert for more detail.



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