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Our BBT Thermometer is digital and has an accuracy rating of 0.1º Celcius.

Our BBT Thermometer also has a two decimal display which is ideal for picking up the tiny changes in temperatures so that you can determine when you have ovulated and when your period is about to start.

You take your temperature immediately after you've woken up but before you get out of bed. Any movements after you've woken up can increase your basal temperature and cause your chart to be inaccurate.

BBT Charting is the cheapest and easiest way to determine when you ovulate. Our highly sensitive Celsius BBT thermometer is ideal for tracking your ovulation and fertility signs. Use Our BBT Thermometer to chart your temperatures and track all your ovulation data and signs on a BBT Chart Click here to download your free charting e-book

Charting your temperatures with our thermometer, you will be able to:

  • Know when you have ovulated.
  • Get to know your body intimately.
  • Track your intercourse data.
  • Keep track of other ovulation signs.
  • Recognize luteal phase defects.
  • Recognize an anovulatory cycle.
  • Time your intercourse optimally.
  • Know when to do a pregnancy test.

The best way to chart your basal body temperature is to use a BBT Thermometer.

A fever thermometer will not do as it will simply give you ‘flat’ temperatures and you might miss the slight change in temperature that will determine ovulation.

You can visit www.fertilityfriend.com, they have an amazing website full of useful information about fertility signs, and you can chart your temperature daily for free, or you can use the chart that has been included in your purchase.

BBT thermometer vs. Fever thermometer:

All BBT thermometers should have an accuracy range of 0.1 °C. Fever thermometers have an accuracy range of between 1.0 °C and 0.2°C, which is not accurate enough for ovulation tracking. Our BBT thermometers are perfect for the job! To qualify being called a BBT thermometer, a thermometer has to have a very high range of accuracy. It's not specifically branded as BBT or Basal Thermometer; the only important thing is the accuracy. Meaning of Basal Body Temperature: It is the normal body temperature checked upon awakening in the morning. In other words, it is the temperature taken under conditions unaffected by factors such as physical exercise, eating, drinking or mental uneasiness. How to check Basal Body Temperature:

  • When you go to bed at night, please prepare your thermometer and Basal Body Temperature Chart near your pillow.
  • On awakening in the morning, please check your temperature by inserting the thermometer under your tongue and closing your mouth until your thermometer beeps.
  • It is essential to check your temperature regularly every morning at a fixed time, between 06h00 a.m. and 08h00 a.m. If you check earlier than the fixed time, you may have lower readings, and if you check your temperature later than the fixed time, you may notice higher readings.
  • If possible, please try to take your temperature at a fixed time every morning.

Ovulation Day:

Ovulation day corresponds to the day of transition from the low-temperature period to the high-temperature period. You may feel, for a few days before ovulation, that discharge is increasing, or there is dampness at the outer private parts or slight pain in the abdominal region. Please write such symptoms on the chart whenever they occur.

How to apply the Basal Body Temperature Graph:

For women who desire conception:
Generally speaking, the capacity of the spermatozoon to fertilize an egg lasts for about three days, while an egg is alive for 24 hours after ovulation. Therefore, during the five-day period including the first three days before and one day after ovulation, the possibility of pregnancy is the greatest.

For women who do not desire conception:
Please check your daily temperatures for at least one month to correctly determine your basal body temperature condition and your high and low-temperature periods. Even if it occurs soon after menstruation, during the three days transitional period from a low to high-temperature period, please be sure to use a contraceptive drug or device. After each use, wipe your thermometer off using cotton containing a disinfectant such as alcohol.

Technical stuff:

Water Proof
Display Range: 32.0oC 43.00oC
Accuracy 0.1o
Min Scale of 0.01o
Memory: Last measurement reading
Measurement time of 60+/- 10 seconds in the mouth, 100+-20 underarm (for reference only, it differs from person to person)
Beeper Function
Auto Shut-off
Battery: 1.5V button battery – Included