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  • Increases Egg Quality.
  • It is the ideal supplement for PCOS patients.
  • It helps to restore Insulin Levels in patients who are insulin resistant.
  • Normalises low estrogen levels in s short amount of time.
  • It helps correct egg quality.
  • Decreases High Testosterone Levels which is often an indicator of PCOS.


  1. Myo-Inositol is found follicular, and depletion of Myo-Inositol can indicate poor egg quality.
  2. Women diagnosed with PCOS often lack myo-inositol and therefore create lower quality eggs, thereby diminishing the chances of a successful pregnancy.
  3. It normalizes the metabolic, hormonal and follicular processes in the body.
  4. PCOS patients often have difficulty losing weight as a result of being insulin resistant. Inofolic will help with this too.
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