FertiliTea for Women - Natural Herbal Fertility Supplement


FertiliTea is an all natural herbal tea to support reproductive health and optimize your chances of conceiving. FertiliTea has a great taste and is easy to make. FertiliTea brings together scientifically-validated herbs to help restore female balance and promote reproductive wellness
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FertiliTea is an all natural herbal tea to support reproductive health optimize your chances of conceiving.*

    • Doctor designed to support overall reproductive health
    • Complete Spectrum of fertility-enhancing ingredients*
    • Only organic & wildcrafted herbal ingredients
    • Delicious mint flavor!

"The all-natural, herbal tea for trying-to-conceive women that supports reproductive wellness."
- Amos Grunebaum, MD & Ob/Gyn


FertiliTea is the natural, healthful - and delicious - herbal tea designed to support the entire reproductive system and help increase your chances of conceiving. FertiliTea brings together scientifically-validated herbal ingredients (including the herb vitex-agnus castus) to help restore female balance and promote reproductive wellness. Designed by Amos Grunebaum, MD, an internationally recognized fertility expert, FertiliTea is the only herbal tea that offers a complete spectrum of fertility-enhancing ingredients, including Chasteberry (Vitex) and Red Raspberry Leaf.
Each bag of FertiliTea is vacuum-sealed for freshness and contains a one month supply of this nutritive herbal tonic. All ingredients are organic or all-natural, and FertiliTea offers a zesty, refreshing aroma and delightful flavor - the perfect companion for the morning, afternoon, or evening!
Dr. Grunebaum - inventor of Fertilitea"FertiliTea is an all-natural, herbal tea with fertility-enhancing properties. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to support fertility, promote reproductive wellness, and increase your chances of conceiving"
Dr. Grunebaum's formula is made from only the freshest, all-natural or organic herbal ingredients. And best of all, FertiliTea brings together a robust blend to promote fertility with a soothing aroma and a delightful touch of mint!
FertiliTea contains the following nutritive ingredients to help promote fertility and reproductive wellness.
  • Chasteberry (Vitex) stimulates the hormones involved in ovulation and helps restore female hormonal balance.
  • Red Raspberry Leaf helps tone the reproductive organs.
  • Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant that promotes fertility.
  • Ladies Mantle helps regulate your monthly cycle.
  • Nettle Leaf is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and calcium.
  • Natural & Organic Ingredients Only!
  • "...and FertiliTea tastes wonderful!"
FertiliTea is a loose-leaf tea format. Loose-leaf teas help to ensure optimal freshness, nutritional value, and flavor. This is because the leaves in herbal tea need room to expand fully so they can transfer all their nutrients. FertiliTea comes with a light-proof, airtight bag that keeps the tea fresh for up to two years plus it contains no staples or glues that are so often used in teabags.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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    Hi please give me quotation for fertility tea, I want to place an order….all info including bank details. Regards, L Tsheke.

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    Where should I get the tea please help.

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    i want to buy a fertiltea. please i can be contacted on 074 216 5046. or please advise of where can i purchase your products? or i can i find your products in Dischem pharmacies. Please let me know asap.

    i bought nature’s green tea in dischem and i also bought pregnacare conception capsules. i really need to fall pregnant before end of this year 2014.

    Please help and maybe something to unblock my tubes.

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    Hi please help where im going to get the tea

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    Hi, wanna know if I can drink this with the fertipil and also wanna know how long it will take me to fall pregnant

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      You can use it with Fertipil Plus unless you experience any side effects, then you should just use one or the other. Unfortunately, there is no time frame in falling pregnant, but if you’re not pregnant within six months, you should see a gynecologist or fertility specialist.

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