Fertipil Plus for Women


Fertipil Plus for Women enhances your fertility and promotes your chances of falling pregnant naturally. Fertipil Plus for Women has been specially developed to contain the correct proportions of essential amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to boost cell functionality and to improve your fertility.
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Fertipil Plus for Women enhances your fertility and promotes your chances of falling pregnant naturally. Fertipil Plus for Women has been specifically developed to contain the correct proportions of essential amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to boost cell functionality, thereby improving and enhancing your fertility.

  • With essential amino acids and anti-oxidants.
  • Contains the correct proportions of vitamins and minerals.
  • Contains glyconutrients to boost cell functionality.
  • Improving and enhancing Fertility

Normalizes hormone levels, improves uterine lining and egg quality, reduces neural tube defects and enhances your chances of falling pregnant and conceiving naturally. Fertipil Plus for Women is designed to increase fertility and improve reproductive health. With an all-natural, non-prescription formula that brings together scientifically-validated herbal ingredients and essential vitamins. Fertipil Plus promotes female hormonal balance and reproductive wellness, supporting fertility and optimizing your chances to conceive. Fertipil Plus is your fertility enhancing supplement and your complete prenatal vitamin. FERTIPIL-Plus in Men: Improves sperm count, quality, formation, motility, morphology and general reproductive health.   Proprietary name (and dosage form) FERTIPIL - Plus

Vitamin A
1000 IU
Vitamin E
Vitamin D3
150 IU
Folic Acid
Nicotinic Acid
Vitamin B12
Vitmain B6
Proprietary Blend: Siberian Ginseng, Red Clover, Vitex (angus-castus)  160mg


  1. 5/5

    Need to get more info

  2. 4/5

    Hey I didn’t try it yet its going to be my first time using it nd so far everybody is talking about it can’t wait to see the results

  3. 4/5

    Need to know more about the pill.

  4. 5/5

    After using that pill how long does it take to fall pregnant?

  5. 5/5

    1st tym using it…4o I wanna knw hw long it wil take 2 bcum pregnant

  6. 4/5

    cn I use both fertipil plus and folic acid

  7. 5/5

    I would like to know if you have insermination kits as well

  8. 4/5

    How many successful stories is there, and how long does it normally take, to become pregnant.

  9. 5/5

    I took the in February to March,I am 11 week pregnant

  10. 5/5

    Meant to say ,I took them in Feb to March,I am now 11 weeks pregnant

  11. 5/5

    Will this product also help for blocked tubes and ovulation problems.

  12. 5/5

    please provide more info if you want to order from namibia

  13. 5/5

    Its gonna be the my first time I’m using please help I need it

  14. 2/5

    would like to try it. and how long does it take to fall pregnant

  15. 4/5

    I have not used it yet but I would like to know how long (maximum) will it take for me to pregnant?

  16. 1/5

    I would like to get more information

  17. 4/5

    How long will it take for me to fall preg. Its been three years now trying for a baby en no luck

  18. 4/5

    I never use it will it work for me

  19. 5/5

    I have been using it for two weeks, I am leaking some mucus on my vagina I don’t kns if its now working and I have been vomiting regularly, I’m scared to do the test because of dissapointments

  20. 4/5

    please how can I get hold of this products?

  21. 3/5

    How can i get them,how do i drink them?

  22. 4/5

    is it normal to vomit every time after taking the pill

    • /5

      Please note I am not a medical doctor and I am not allowed to give medical advice, however, if you are vomiting you could be allergic/intolerant to one of the ingredients in Fertipil Plus. I would suggest you stop using it immediately.

  23. 4/5

    Just got my delivry this morning, i cant wait to start drinking it. Can i also know howlong it takes to get pregnant after taking the pill?

  24. 4/5

    Please advice on how to place an order

  25. 5/5

    And how long does it take to fall Pregnent???

  26. 3/5

    when will they be available again?

  27. 4/5

    I got it with a test inside the fertipil plus box used the pils a moth and took a test show pregnant but , other test show negatives what’s up with that

  28. 4/5

    Hello how can I get this pills please I’m in Durban

  29. 2/5

    Hi I just heard about Fertiplus I’m also struggling to get preggies I would like to use it

  30. 5/5

    Hi,,I got my package last month on its mid days I took the pills and I tested positive yesterday morning with the test from the pills and I tested today with another tester I bought from the pharmacy and it is still a positive,it worked for me hope it will for you too.

    • /5


  31. 5/5

    Hey how do i get this pills i need them urgently please help a sister i think my marriege it ending

  32. 4/5

    Hi i tried to purchase it online n it wants some code cn sum1 give me the code please

  33. 4/5

    Hey I’m trying for a very long time now so where can I buy the pills
    me and my husband are trying for 3years now

  34. 2/5

    How and were can I get the fertipil plus ,pls help me

  35. 3/5

    Can I take Fertimid and pre-seed at the same time?

  36. 3/5

    meant Fertipil… can I take Fertipil and pre-seed at the same time or should I try one and see what happens first?

    • /5

      Hi, yes absolutely.

  37. 4/5

    I really need help with getting pregnant

  38. 5/5

    Where can I place the order? Are these available in my local pharmacy?

  39. 5/5

    Hi. Can i use both pre-seed and fertipilplus at the same time? I am ready to try again.

    • /5

      Hi Nkhesnsani, you can use both products at the same time.

  40. 5/5

    I received my order this morning.
    I am superrrr excited and lookign forward to buying more products.

  41. 5/5

    I’m already place my order.i wnt 2 how does it takes 2 fall pregnant

    • /5

      Hi Sibongile, the supplements can take between 3 to 6 months to start working, if you’re not pregnant by then, then you need to see a Fertility Specialist.

  42. 4/5

    Hei I just started using the fertipil today on the 12/feb/2016 an i really need a baby . i pray to god to help an plz pray for me wish it work fast.

    • /5

      Hi, we’ll be praying with you for your little miracle ;)

  43. 5/5

    were can l get the pill help pliz

  44. 5/5

    Fertipil worked wonders for me. After months and months of trying to conceive, I fell pregnant during the first month of use, in fact I didn’t even finish the bottle and boom I was pregnant! I’m 6 months down the line and can’t wait to hold my little miracle in my hands. Thank you God and thank you Fertipil!

    • /5

      Hi, I’m so happy for you. Congratulations!

  45. 3/5

    Will this help to get my hormones back to normal after being on depo Injection?

    • /5

      Hi, I’m not sure, it can take a while for your body to normalise after the injection. It’s worth a try.

  46. 2/5

    Every time I take a pill, I actually vomit 5min after. Why is this?
    And yes I do eat before I drink the pill.

    • /5

      Hi, It could be that you are allergic or sensitive to one of the ingredients. Please stop taking the Fertipil Plus and try something else.

  47. 5/5

    Hi ladies fertipi plus worked 4 meee and to tell the thruth m 7 weeks pregooo they really work only 30 caps in a container. I used 10 left with 20 caps and for fast results take fertipl with folic acid and one caps in the morning Much sex in the night don’t forget partners should both take pills together..I can’t believe it after 8 years of trying and one more pray before u have sex . my recipe works

    • /5

      Congratulations Vandy!

  48. 5/5

    hi, been trying to conceive for the past year and no baby , would like to know when should start taking the pill , paying for my order on Monday.

  49. 4/5

    Hi Elize,
    I have blocked tubes. what do you recommend?


    • /5

      Hi, your best option would be to see a Fertility Specialist.

  50. 4/5

    Can you take fertipil with clomid?

    • /5

      Hi Stavy, You will need to ask the doctor that prescribed Clomid to you.

  51. 4/5

    Can I get fertilpil plus in the USA?

    • /5

      Hi, I’m not sure if you can get in the USA but we can most certainly courier it to you.

  52. 4/5

    Thanks for you response, I am interested in getting in. Should I order through the website?

    • /5

      Hi Stavy, yes, you’d have to order through the website.

  53. 4/5

    Hi just received this product hoping n praying for positive results after years of trying to conceive

  54. 4/5

    My partner and I have been trying to fall pregnant for 14 months now, I’m starting to worry… I would like to place an order as well. I’ve read the reviews and I’m interested in trying it out

    • /5

      Hi Angel, I suggest that you see a Fertility Specialist, or a gynecologist with an interest in infertility.

  55. 5/5

    I only took the pills for 7days and today i tested positive with 5 different pregnancy tests im so happy

    • /5


  56. 3/5

    I would like to ask if its safe to use if u have diabetes?

    • /5

      Hi, yes it is safe to use for Diabetics.

  57. 4/5

    Hey I started using the pills on 02 Sep 2016. I haven’t took the test yet just want know when can I test and how long does it usually take to fall pregnant.

    • /5

      Hi Lulu, best would be to give it 3 months. Or if you miss your period you can use the pregnancy test.

  58. 5/5

    Hi can i use this product wiyh fertivor?

  59. 2/5

    Its been two months now using fertipil plus n I hvnt fallen pregoo I pray n hope that by this end of the month I’ll get positive results

  60. 4/5

    Plp it has been 2 yrs trying to conceive, even consulted to traditional healers, churches, saint jon, bt nope. Nw I’m even a born again Christian bcoz of wanting baby so badly. I hv read abt da fertipil plus I’m praying 2god dat if I place an oda it work coz diz matter wil end up destroying mi Marriage, (Plis a big help)

  61. 4/5

    I started using fertilpill plus on thurthsday my doctor told me that it works very fast how it can work within a month all the best to those who are ttc #baby dust all the way#

  62. 5/5

    Hi im starting taking fertipil for 2mnth now still not working,can continue using it thanx

  63. 3/5

    Can this product work even if I don’t ovulate. Or which product should I try out? I’m getting worried now eish

  64. 5/5

    My husband was taking this pill everyday over a month. I’m not so disciplined and we fell pregnant!

  65. 4/5

    Hy I hv been trying to conceive 5 year now ihv tried so many things bt not helping.I started fertipil plus on 02/05/2017 hope it works for us,plc pray for me.

  66. 5/5

    Hi, I have been on depo provera for 8 years now. Due shot was first week in April, purchased the fertiplus the weekend now second week of May and starting them today. What are my chances conceiving quickly? I am 33 years old now. No issues with my first born. Please write back soonest.

  67. 4/5

    hi elize
    can’t wait for my order know God will bless me and hubby with a little maricle…

    • /5

      I hope you fall pregnant soon!

  68. 2/5

    There’s one think I need to understand , I want to have a baby but I don’t jnowbif I should take the pill 3 times a day and also if I must drink it the whole month or it must be 30 pills a month.please help

    • /5

      Hi Pinky, the normal dosage is 1 x capsule a day. For extra fertility support it’s 3 x capsules a day, for 30 days, every month until you fall pregnant.

  69. 4/5

    I used fertipil for 2 months with my husband, we took it 3 x a day. I am more than 2 was late now but scared to test for disappointment . Pls pray for me

  70. 5/5

    Can i take fertipil plus whilst on other medications. Eg im taking medication for period pain

  71. 4/5

    Hi, should I start the pills before or after my period?

  72. 5/5

    Should I start the pill after my period or can I start immediately ?

  73. 5/5

    Please advise if this is the same Fertipil product sold at certain Dischem pharmacies, it comes in a pink box for female and blue box for male. If it is then hubby and I are now on box two and hoping to get our BFP soon….


  74. 4/5

    I had a early mscg on the 30th of Oct17 and my doc confirmed I had a ovarian cyst inn the 3rd of Nov17 and prescribed some meds for me .Now I want to ttc got fertipil from the pharmacy yesterday I pray it works out in the next three months or will the cyst hinder me falling preg.

  75. 3/5

    I started taking fertipil on the 13 th of Feb and I have noticed a change on my discharge it’s clearing up and am releasing more of it is this a good or a bad thing..

  76. 4/5

    Hi! Where can I get fertipil arround Pretoria, I rlly need to get pregnant. Thnx in advance!

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