Swimcount - Sperm Count and Motility Test


SwimCount is an "at home" sperm test. SwimCount tests your sperm count AS WELL as your motility. Something that other at home sperm tests does not do. Test your sperm count and motility in the safety and privacy of your own home. The test is easy to use, and you get your results within 30 Minutes!

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SwimCount: At Home Sperm Test.

Test your sperm in the privacy of your own home.

SwimCount is the first home test which allows you to get a reliable answer about your sperm quality (Motility) and sperm count.

Sperm motility describes the ability of sperm to move properly through the female reproductive tract (internal fertilization) or through water (external fertilization) to reach the egg. Sperm motility can also be thought of as the quality, which is a factor in successful conception; sperm that do not "swim" properly will not reach the egg in order to fertilize it. Sperm motility in mammals also facilitates the passage of the sperm through the cumulus oophorus (a layer of cells) and the zona pellucida (a layer of extracellular matrix), which surround the mammalian oocyte.

  • Tests Sperm Motility, not just your sperm count
  • 96% Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Test in the privacy of your own home
  • Test is ready within 30 minutes.

Poor sperm quality is a key factor behind the problems many couples experience when trying to conceive. Since it can be inconvenient and embarrassing to visit a hospital or fertility clinic to get tested, many men choose to buy at-home sperm tests. However, the existing home tests do not accurately assess male fertility since they only measure sperm count and not sperm quality. SwimCount works by measuring your sperm cells' ability to swim, which is a key factor in achieving pregnancy. Our goal has never been to replace the full evaluation of male fertility that has to be performed by fertility/andrology professionals. Any abnormal result will have to be further analysed by a professional, but SwimCount can enable you to get an easy and reliable answer which could avoid you to do any embarrassing and inconvenient further testing if not necessary. Thanks to patented technology, SwimCount is a reliable easy-to-use home test kit for men that measures sperm quality - and all in the privacy of your own home! SwimCount measures the concentration of sperm in your ejaculate that can swim (known as motile sperm). Just add the sperm sample to the device. Within 30 minutes the color indicates whether the motile sperm quantity is above or below the WHO threshold for normal sperm (5 million motile sperms per milliliter). SwimCount provides 96% accuracy (sensitivity) when comparing the results of SwimCount with that of microscopy. If the test shows your motile sperm concentration is below the cut-off level for normal sperm quality, you should consult your doctor for further fertility testing.

SwimCount Factsheet: Click here

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