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26 Jan, 2018


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Celebrate your period, rather than resenting it. Let me save you thousands of Rands, hundreds of hours of frustration, and your relationship with your partner. It’s time to view your period in a very different light. Let your period be your guide to becoming pregnant. Stop, look, listen your way to becoming pregnant.

It’s time baby, for a baby! The really, REALLY useful menstrual cycle kit will reveal all about the health of your menstrual cycle. Learn about:

  • What is a healthy menstrual cycle
  • What is your luteal phase and how long it should be for conception to take place.
  • Learn about ovulation and how it moves –that right it isn’t always on day 14
  • Learn to listen to your body, be in control of it.

You see becoming pregnant actually is a little bit of a science. Let’s see how much you know about your body in the baby making department:

  • To become pregnant, you must have sex as often as possible?
  • Pregnancy occurs when you have a man and a woman?

If you answered True to any of the above – you’re wrong! It’s time I educate you about your body. To become pregnant, you need to have sex when you are fertile. A woman is only fertile when she produces cervical mucus. Cervical mucus reveals so much about your body. It tells us how much estrogen you have; it tells us if you are ovulating, it tells us how long your fertile phase is. Too much cervical mucus is also a problem as pregnancy will not occur when you are estrogen dominant. So how much is optimal? That is what you will learn in the really, REALLY useful menstrual cycle kit.  Pregnancy will only occur if you have two HEALTHY individuals

Why is this different?

Education! The really, REALLY useful menstrual cycle kit is going to put you in control of this process. It’s going to give you what you need to know and more. It’s even going to illustrate why you are not becoming pregnant. This should be your first point of call before any specialist, before any appointment because this kit will teach you everything you need to know about you, your body, and your health.

So what is this kit?

In the really, REALLY useful menstrual cycle kit, you will learn how to chart your menstrual cycle. Put in the simplest way possible charting is like blogging about your body or keeping a diary about your body or writing a journal about the signs your body gives you every single day. You see every single day is different. Some days you will see cervical mucus, others you won’t. Some days your morning temperature will be low, others it will be high. Some days you will have energy that will make you indispensable and others you will feel like curling up in bed. Believe it, or not all these signs follow a cyclical nature, and when you stop to look, listen and feel your body, you will be in awe of this incredible piece of machinery.

So this really, REALLY useful menstrual cycle kit contains all the materials to teach yourself how to chart (stop, look and listen) to your cycle (so that you can conceive) should you want a baby or for (contraception) should you not want one just yet – Your choice. Effective, natural options are at your fingertips all you need to do is:

Read the guidebook: through education, all the questions you ever had about your body will be answered. Complete your picture in the charting book: (your diary) in which you can create this beautiful picture of your incredible functioning body. Using different colored stamps to represent the different phases of your cycle you will always know if you are fertile (become pregnant) or not fertile (cannot become pregnant): you know every single day. To complete this picture, you will need to take your morning temperature every single day and feel and observe mucus every time you go to the toilet. Yep, that’s it. It takes seconds – ok maybe minutes, but now you are in control of your body.  If you are more techno-savvy, then there’s access to the Justisse charting app that you can use on your computer and your phone.

On top of this when you purchase the really, REALLY useful menstrual cycle kit should you run into problems. Maybe you get a little confused, feel a little lonely on this journey of learning about your body. Don’t fret – Claudia Slattery the only Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner in South Africa and accredited to the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals (AFAP) has successfully completed a rigorous training process so you can contact her for some training should you want the guided consults.


  • Costs less than any IVF or fertility specialist
  • Know your body so that you know if you are healthy
  • Know exactly when you ovulate (You won’t have to rely on ovulation predictor kits which are not accurate)
  • Bring clear, clean and accurate data to your doctor
  • You know exactly when to do the deed if you want to get pregnant
  • Take control of your Trying to Conceive experience
  • Know early if conception occurred – no need for pregnancy tests
  • There is no such thing as unexplained fertility: Your cycle reveals everything.
  • Much more fun than injecting yourself.
  • No chemicals, no hormones
  • Your period is awesome! It’s telling you something.

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